CESSPOOL (Sometimes called a Cesspit)

Cesspool (Cesspit)A "Cesspool" is a large holding tank that is completely sealed having only an inlet and a vented air outlet. A cesspool is designed to hold all sewage and waste effluent and does not carry out any treatment or any discharge from the tank.

It is common for the average domestic homeowner to refer to the tank at the bottom of the garden as "the Cesspit". The term cesspit is either describing a sealed cesspool or a septic tank or soakaway.

A Sealed Cesspool Unit (sometimes called a cesspit)

As a cesspool (cesspit) holds waste water and can oly be emptied via a suction tanker you will appreciate that the annual running cost of a cesspool is very high. A septic tank should only require a de-sludge once a year.

Cesspool units are normally installed in poor drainage areas and where a septic tank or treatment plant would not be suitable. At MTM we always consider the options that are available to your site and we can provide a report and quotation for the preferred system.

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