Sewage treatment maintenace in the bad weather

The UK has been under seige from the torrential rain and harsh winds that have battered the country for weeks now. Many MTM Environmental customers have been effected by the conditions with trees falling, electric supplies disrupted and damage to property, it seems the maintenance bill following the storms will likely be huge for many.

It’s important not to forget your sewage treatment equipment and septic tank at this time of year – in fact as my post in November 2012 (Winter considerations for your septic tank) explains – the colder weather can cause damage to the equipment, making it important to remember your annual maintenance checks before the frost sets in.

Completing interior DIY projects is one of the most popular passtimes in the New year, so many gardens in the UK become neglected and looking at the images on recent news reports it’s no wonder when most seem to be saturated with water!

However, this doesn’t mean a septic tank maintenance should be put to one side – in most cases our engineers will still be able to access report and maintain systems in effected places. It’s always better to ensure that the system is running efficiently and safely that wait for more issues saused by low temperatures and snow.

For more information on septic tank and sewage treatment maintenance for your home or business or just to check whether or not your system can still be accessed following damage to your property, please contact us.

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