Marsh Ensign Sewage Treatment Plant

The following post is taken unedited from an email received from one of our clients. We normally publish short extracts of customer testimonials on our main site. Given the detail provide by Mr. Clements we have decided to publish the whole letter, warts and all. Where appropriate, we have taken the opportunity to link to the relevant pages on our site.

MTM Civils and Environmentals have just installed a 25PE Marsh Ensign Sewage Treatment Plant situated within the curtilage of our property but which also serves 5 other neighbouring cottages. This system replaces an old septic tank and soakaway which was no longer working efficiently. Although the new system has only been in operation for over a week, it seems to be working well and the whole installation process was completed in a highly professional manner.

Tony came out to quote for the works back in March and we were impressed with his knowledge and expertise in gauging what would be appropriate for our situation. He recommended a Marsh Ensign system and later submitted a quotation which was detailed and transparent. Although not the cheapest quote we received, we eventually offered MTM the work because we were satisfied they would do an excellent installation.

I say ‘eventually’ because choosing the make and type of Sewage Treatment Plant was very difficult. Obviously, when spending a considerable sum of money you want to ensure you are getting the most appropriate system for your situation. It’s not like buying a car, you can’t test drive a system first and neither is it easy to get any independent, objective reports unlike the Motor Industry. Manufacturers within the sewage industry will make extravagant claims about their system and quote all sorts of figures to show theirs is the best- facts and figures about the strength of materials used, the quality of their manufacturing methods, the effluent quality, the certificates they hold, the superiority of their warranty etc. They also tend to rubbish and dismiss the opposition as completely flawed. There needs to a lot more honesty and clarity in the industry because at the moment it is so difficult for the consumer to make an informed choice. Most contractors like MTM will promote only a few manufactures because this is in their interests as ‘qualified installers’. But I think it would be really helpful for a company like MTM to be really knowledgeable about all the various makes and to act more like consultants offering truly independent advice. Tony, to his credit, admitted from the outset that his main experience was with Marsh and he was confident that the system was good but as I said we wanted independent advice. We spent many hours finding out how the Marsh system stacked up against the opposition and eventually concluded that the Marsh Ensign was the best for our situation. OK rant over!!

The installation was completed in July and took a week in total. I can not praise the two guys employed through MTM highly enough. Jason and Scott worked like trojans and were thoroughly professional and competent in everything they did. Access to our property was somewhat difficult as an approach had to be made through a neighbouring field, a stream traversed and openings made in fences but nothing was too difficult for them. They were polite, cheerful, prepared to explain what they were doing and prepared to listen to any concerns we had. We fully expected the garden to look like a car crash afterwards but everything was reinstated and levelled so that all that was needed at the end was a rake over and some seeding. They were splendid ambassadors for the company.

Would we recommend MTM to others? Undoubtedly. ( but hope they might take on board some of the advice above)

Would we recommend the Marsh Ensign? Well its too early to judge really. As yet it works perfectly. It is quiet and there is no odour but we will have a better idea of performance after a year.

Nigel Clements


July 2014.

So there you have it. A thorough, unedited, customer review of how we installed the Marsh Ensign sewage treatment plant for a customer in Somerset. Our thanks to Nigel Clements for diligently providing his honest feedback.