MTM Environmental become NICEIC domestic installers

The team at MTM Environmental are pleased to announce we have been registered as approved domestic electrical installers with NICEIC (what was the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting).

This means that MTM Environmental, it’s premises and staff have been assessed to ensure compliance with current electrical installation legislation as well as confirming competence and safety of the team for this purpose.

MTM Environmental NICEIC Certificate

MTM Environmental NICEIC Certificate

Electrical maintenance and installation is an important part of the work that we do with septic tank and sewage treatment works from installation to inspection and forms part of most maintenance regimes.

This image of our certificate proves the registration and we are now able to display the NICEIC logo on our website, which has been uploaded in the last week.

For more information on the approved contractor scheme, please visit the NICEIC website. For help and assistance with

Septic tank causes ‘sink hole’ in America

Residents in a house in Ruskin, Florida were surprised when a ‘sinkhole’ that was 7 feet wide appeared at the rear of their property.

Sink holes are a natural depression in the earth and can appear quite randomly for a variety of reasons (in fact, recent reports show a town in Russia is currently dealing with a plague of them). But the ‘sink hole’ in this case actually turned out to be caused by an out of service septic tank.

Luckily the family were at home and were evacuated so the area could be checked and made safe. Reports suggest they were unaware the tank was even there as there was nothing connected to the property, despite it being located in the back garden.

According to reports following the incident, the sewage treatment system had collapsed on itself, causing the hole in the back yard.

Like many of the other news items I have mentioned on here, this is an unusual case, but prevention is always the best medicine really, so ensuring that any septic tanks and surrponding equipment are properly inspected and maintained on a regular basis is very important.

MTM Environmental will be able to assess any old or existing treatment facilities that need inspection and provide a care and maintenance quotation for future use. For systems that are no longer usable (which the one mentioned above is unlikely to be), we can also look at costings and suitability for an alternative system that can be properly maintained and suits the needs of the property in question.

Septic tank owner warning following accident in Cornwall

A pensioner had a dangerous experience with a septic tank whilst taking a walk near to his home recently.

This is Cornwall reports that at the end of February a grandfather nearly died as he fell through a manhole cover into the tank, which took him nearly mouth deep into its contents.

Luckily the 71 year old was able to pull himself out of the pit using brute force, but being in such a remote location (as many septic tanks are) it’s unlikely anyone would have heard his cries for help had he made them.

Mike McGinness (the patient) is said to have been quoted:

“As I walked over the top of the septic tank the manhole cover and frame just dropped into the tank beneath me. It was quite incredible – within a second I was in the tank. I managed to get my elbows up and by sheer effort pulled myself out”

He is also said to have warned others that this is a reason why they should ensure their septic tank covers are in good condition.

Of course, maintenance of septic tanks and soakaway systems is one of the principal services offered here at MTM environmental, so if you are concerned about the safety of your tank or think it might need repair works, maybe it just hasn’t been looked at for a long time. Call us today to discuss your needs and arrange a visit from one of our engineers.

60% of Irish septic tank owners sign up to register

Recent reports show that a massive 60% of the septic tank owners in Ireland have signed up to the ownership register so far – this equates to around 300,000 households. With the deadline looming, the environment minister is encouraging the remaining 40% to sign up and receive the benefit of grant schemes to help with repairs if they are necessary.

February 1st is the cut off date to receive these ‘benefits’ which include up to 80% of costs (maximum value 4,000 euros) for those earning up to 50,000 euros per annum.

I suspect many people are nervous about signing up, as the register requires that all septic tanks undergo an annual inspection as part of their maintenance regime. This, of course, will assist in maintaining a healthy water supply for owners and the rest of the country, but the costs associated are likely to concern many.

However in the long term, maintaining your septic tank system is likely to make it less likely that the whole system has to be replaced because of long term issues. Having a regular inspection can mean that problems such as cracks and broken parts are spotted far earlier and can sometimes be repaired rather than replaced.

Sewage treatment works to be powered by wind!

Most private sewage treatment plants are self powered and being exclusively for the use of one home means they have a far lower energy requirement than regional sewage treatment facilities.

Many utility companies have been looking at their carbon footprint and as a result some are looking at renewable energy sources to assist with powering facilities like this.

A Thames Water sewage treatment plant in East London is going to be partly powered by the renewable energy generated by an exclusive wind turbine at a cost of £5million!

The sewage treatment plant itself also creates electricity via the solid waste that goes through it – enough electricity in fact to power 7,000 homes a day!

However, despite the wind turbine creating enough energy to power 13,000 homes on a windy day, it will only provide 4% of the required electricity to power the plant.

This sewage treatment system is obviously on a far grander scale than most of the systems you at home will be maintaining. However keeping the systems well maintained (just like home owners plants) is a necessity and failure of a plant like this can cause untold problems, as the aftermath of the hurricane in New York proved last year.

For more information on sewage treatment maintenance for your home contact MTM Environmental.

Winter considerations for your Septic Tank

As the end of November approaches I am hearing more and more new reports that we are to expect a harsh winter here in the UK in the coming months.

As the colder weather approaches it puts an additional strain on most facilities with wind, ice, snow and rain having an effect on utilities such as gas, electric and even communications equipment as well as transportation systems and roads.

If your home utilises a septic tank then ensuring its upkeep is never more important than at this time of year, especially for those living in more rural areas who are most likely to be stranded during bad weather.

Septic tank sewerage systems can suffer from a multitude of issues if effected by winter weather, they include:

  1. Frozen pipes between the house and the tank
  2. Frozen pump tank
  3. Damaged soil treatment
  4. Damage to pipes in soil treatment area

And you don’t need to have several feet of snow for this to happen – in fact, snow on top of a system can help to protect it from the frost and ice, but lack of coverage can make it more vulnerable to damage.

However, there are things you can do in order to avoid a situation like this. MTM Environmental can provide a report on the current status of your system and recommendations in order to make it less likely to fail in these conditions. All septic tanks should be maintained and inspected on a regular basis if for no other reason than to provide peace of mind for those who rely on them.

Hurricane Sandy effects New Jersey sewage treatment

American newspapers have been reporting that sewage treatment has been effected as a result of hurricane Sandy earlier this month and many local residents are suffering from the aftermath.

Many of the sewage treatment systems in the area suffered power outages and flooding as a result of the superstorm and authorities were reported to be asking residents to lower their use of tap water in order to “reduce stress on the system”.

Sewage treatment facilities are an essential part of any local infrastructure and as a result an incident like this can have a detremental effect on a grand scale. Many residents are probably finding it difficult to source suitable and safe drinking water at the time and its difficult to understand the impact this can have on day to day life.

Like many MTM customers, those that have their own personal sewage treatment equipment at home may have been less effected, but of course this is dependent on the system being well maintained and inspected on a regular basis.

Keeping the system in good working order and ensuring any maintenance is completed when needed is an essential part of owning any sewage treatment system. In some countries it is a legal requirement for owners to register their ownership and complete this maintenance programme in order to avoid a situation like this.

Thankfully it seems the infrastructure in the effected areas of the east coast of America is starting to recover from the damage caused.

More information on this article can be found on the Kingston Daily Freeman news website.

Fire crews make unusual septic tank recovery

I was reading an article recently about an unusual rescue from a septic tank in Portland, Oregan.

Firefighters were called when a 33 year old horse called Roxy fell into a septic tank earlier this year. The crew of rescuers used a pulley system to remove the horse, who was said to be neck deep in the tank.

Luckily she survived the ordeal with just some cuts and scrapes, but falls into septic tanks are not unusual and one of the reasons why septic tank maintenance and inspection of the whole tank (including the entrance) are so important today.

The horse owner was completely unaware of the septic tank on her land so as a result, was surprised to find her horse in it. Although this story has a happy ending it could have been far more serious in other circumstances.

Some old fashioned sewage treatment plants are easier to fall into than others. The newer systems (like the Biorock system mentioned in a previous post) are more likely to not only be smaller, but also enclosed and hidden from view from above. The liklihood is you could walk over the entrance to the tank in someones garden without even knowing it!

The full report about Roxy the horse can be seen on the Yahoo website here, and for more information on inspecting or maintaining your own septic tank system contact MTM Environmental.

Biorock Sewage Treatment Plant

MTM has recently been appointed as a registered UK installer of Biorock sewage treatment plant. The Biorock plant is a low cost, easy to install and energy-efficient way of dealing with sewage.

The Biorock sewage treatment plant requires no electrical power to work and meets the EN12566 environmental standard.Biorock units need a simple primary/septic tank upfront which need only be emptied once each year.

Key features of the Biorock sewage system are:

  •  A highly efficient and sustainable domestic sewage water solution
  • Value for money for them with costs savings throughout the year

Biorock are based in Luxembourg.

Irish septic tank owners – limited time to pay tank charges

The Irish Environment Minister, Phil Hogan, has been discussing the slow uptake on septic tank registration applications.

According to the Irish Sun only around 6% (around 22,500 households) of septic tank owners in the country have taken paid the charges, although it is hoped this will increase before the end of this month as the price will then go up sharply. According the the countrys’ census there are nearly 500,000 tanks of this nature utilised by householders.

At present the cost of registration is 5 Euros, but on the 28th September the cost will go up 10 fold to 50 Euros.

Tank registration is being made compulsary in the country and involves regular inspection of the tank by officials, who (it seems) will ensure tanks are maintained well and enforce upgrades and repairs as and when needed.

Although the work is not yet compulsary here in England, ensuring yourseptic tank is inspected and maintained on a regular basis is an important part of ownership. MTM Environmental offer an inspection service for this purpose and using specialist equipment are able to provide householders with an accurate report of any repairs and maintenance required to their system following a septic tank inspection.

More information on the article can be found on the Irish Sun website.