Sewage treatment bill at Niagara Falls expected to exceed $2 million!

The Buffalo News (a publication from across the pond) has been reporting that following a storm in July, costs to repair damage to areas of the New York state areas sewage treatment facility could run into more than $2 million dollars.

Reports suggest that more than 25 million gallons of untreated sewage has been leaking into the Niagara River since the damage was caused by a storm last month. Fierce rainfall over the Friday and Saturday nights had resulted in flooding to many areas and was said to have ‘overwhelmed’ the citys pumps. Several towns besides Niagra have been effected by the damage, including the neighbouring villages and boroughs.

Although the damage happened a few weeks ago, the effects and timescale that the repairs are expected to take will mean there is likely to be an effect on local residents for some time.

Of course, plants like these are built to provide treatment on a grand scale for hundreds of thousands of households, although the principal of ‘treatment’ is still the same and if the facility was to fail, the environmental and practical issues would be raised as for a private sewage treatment plant.

As always, maintaining your own sewage treatment is important for the same reasons. Although many plants fail because of age and general degredation, freak weather and highs or lows in temperatures can also have an effect on the systems. Having them checked on a minimum annual basis can assist with ensuring your system is fully prepared for extremes like this and reduces the risk of plant failure.

More information and the full report along with a video surrounding the issue can be found on the Buffalo News Website.