Septic tank consideration in the poor weather

Over in America there have been advisory reports on local press websites on how residents can safely maintain their septic tanks and sewage treatment plants following the bad weather.

Following adverse weather in the state of Virginia, one local publication has given some guidance online, asking residents that own such systems to:

Check and determine if any erosion or other damage may have occured to the system

Any instances of damage should be checked and rectified before further damage or problems with the system are encountered

Consider that the system might be running slower as a result of the bad weather

Here in the UK we are luckier with the weather, although this doesn’t rule out tank and system damage like this as a result of heavy rainfall, snow or other conditions.

MTM drains can provide the type of inspection and maintenance services mentioned in this news report, which for many people it is not really possible to undertake without specialist equipment and trained engineers.

Regular maintenance and inspections of tanks and systems are an important part of its life and ensuring they are completed should assist in keeping the system running for as long as possible.

More information on the original news report I read can be found on the South Mountain Eagle website.

Septic tank owner warning following accident in Cornwall

A pensioner had a dangerous experience with a septic tank whilst taking a walk near to his home recently.

This is Cornwall reports that at the end of February a grandfather nearly died as he fell through a manhole cover into the tank, which took him nearly mouth deep into its contents.

Luckily the 71 year old was able to pull himself out of the pit using brute force, but being in such a remote location (as many septic tanks are) it’s unlikely anyone would have heard his cries for help had he made them.

Mike McGinness (the patient) is said to have been quoted:

“As I walked over the top of the septic tank the manhole cover and frame just dropped into the tank beneath me. It was quite incredible – within a second I was in the tank. I managed to get my elbows up and by sheer effort pulled myself out”

He is also said to have warned others that this is a reason why they should ensure their septic tank covers are in good condition.

Of course, maintenance of septic tanks and soakaway systems is one of the principal services offered here at MTM environmental, so if you are concerned about the safety of your tank or think it might need repair works, maybe it just hasn’t been looked at for a long time. Call us today to discuss your needs and arrange a visit from one of our engineers.