Sewage treatment to breathe NEW life into OLD cd’s?

Researchers are always looking for new and innovative ways to make existing technologies more efficient, whether this is by upping their output, introducing money-saving materials and parts or simply by making the systems more environmentally friendly in order to reduce their carbon footprint. There is always an abundance of research taking place for these purposes.

Interestingly, It has been widely reported recently that Taiwanese researchers have found a new and innovative way of utilising old compact discs (CD’s) as part of the sewage treatment process. The researchers are said to have come up with a way of using the discs to grow zinc oxide – an element that is known for its properties that make it capable of breaking down the solids in the treatment process.

In my opinion, anything that assists the industry in creating more efficient ways of treating sewage whilst utilising materials that would otherwise be junk or obsolete has to be a good thing, although reading the various reports available online it seems that the technology itself is a long way from being utilised on a day to day basis, i’m sure researchers will find a way of utilising it eventually. More information can be seen on the report by clicking here.

In the meantime, old research means that MTM engineers are able to offer several different systems that are built to suit the varying needs of our customers. For more information contact MTM Environmental, where we can talk to you about the varying systems and the best options for your home or business.

Treatment Plant Installation – MTM always do that bit extra

With the constant lowering and tightening of prices in business it is very easy for installers to start to cut corners on the quality of installations. A big element of any treatment plant installation is the use of concrete to backfill around the plant.

Although many treatment plants can be backfilled with shingle is it vital that the sub spoil is porous and will NEVER surcharge with ground water. Although this is a very rare sight, MTM have always taken the view that if it CAN happen it WILL happen. As a result, the plants installed by MTM will always have a concrete surround to them as well as a concrete base.

Treatment Plant Installation

Treatment Plant Installation

The photo to the right shows a concrete surround being placed over the upper section of a plant on a previous job completed by MTM. This prevents any risk of floatation in wet weather periods and reduces the risk of damage during the life of the tank.

The semi dry concrete mix is compacted in stages giving a uni form strength to the whole installation.

Although times are becoming increasingly difficult some things are simply not worth reducing the quality on and a good firm concrete surround to any plant installation will guarantee that system for its life span as well as protecting it from external forces causing any damage to its structure.

For more information on MTM Treatment Plant Installations, please call us or email us.