Septic tank consideration in the poor weather

Over in America there have been advisory reports on local press websites on how residents can safely maintain their septic tanks and sewage treatment plants following the bad weather.

Following adverse weather in the state of Virginia, one local publication has given some guidance online, asking residents that own such systems to:

Check and determine if any erosion or other damage may have occured to the system

Any instances of damage should be checked and rectified before further damage or problems with the system are encountered

Consider that the system might be running slower as a result of the bad weather

Here in the UK we are luckier with the weather, although this doesn’t rule out tank and system damage like this as a result of heavy rainfall, snow or other conditions.

MTM drains can provide the type of inspection and maintenance services mentioned in this news report, which for many people it is not really possible to undertake without specialist equipment and trained engineers.

Regular maintenance and inspections of tanks and systems are an important part of its life and ensuring they are completed should assist in keeping the system running for as long as possible.

More information on the original news report I read can be found on the South Mountain Eagle website.

Workers get a surprise during Septic Tank contract

Although the maintenance, removal and replacement of septic tanks and sewage treantment works is a daily task for MTM Environmental, no two jobs are ever really the same and this was certainly true at a recent job in Sevenoaks.

Mouse in electricals

Mouse in electricals

The MTM electraical team were in the process of completing a job in the Kent based town when they opened the customers electrical unit. Surprisingly they found an almost perfect skeleton of a rodent that must have wondered onto the console some time ago and unfortunately died before getting out again.

Throughout our work maintaining septic tanks and sewage treatment works we do sometimes find that external equipment (such as these electrical panels) require regular maintenance too, so it is always worth checking that any other devices are in good working order on a regular basis.

Regular inspections of tanks and treatment works will help to keep your systems in good working order and help ensure there is less chance of problems with the systems in the future. It also helps with the life expectancy of your system, as regular maintenance and inspections will flag up any issues that might arise in the future and potentially save money by preventing them from happening.

Sewage Treatment Plant declared outdated

Officials in Jersey have declared the islands sewage treatment plant in Bellozanne as outdated. The treatment works needs to be replaced in the future in order to meet the requirements for notrogen levels set out by the EU.

A recent BBC report shows the treatment works still functional but in need of an overhaul – the plant itself is said to have been in place for more than 50 years, but currently doesn’t meet the EU nitrogen level requirements.

Of course, this mass sewage treatment works is large scale and for the use of the whole island, but if you are looking for a private treatment system then MTM can assist with this.

Maintenance of your sewage treatment equipment is an important part of ensuring it is in working condition and many systems need (and benefit from) an annual treatment plant service.

Whether your system was installed by us or is an existing system we have not seen before we are able to assist. Our engineers will provide a report of any repairs needed as well as providing a price and interval requirements for future services.

Arranging regular services and completing necessary maintenance and repairs will help your treatment to work well and last longer.

For more information on Treatment Plant maintenance and servicing, call MTM Drains today.

Sewage Treatment for Renewable Energy?

Sewage treatment works are used by homes around the UK and on a far larger scale by utilities providers. A treatment plant service normally needs to be completed around once a year to keep the system running efficiently and with effective maintenance procedures in place there is no reason why your treatment works can’t last for many years.

Utilities and energy companies operating larger treatment facilities have been utilising its contents to supply homes in Oxfordshire with a renewable energy source.

About 1 year ago British Gas announced they would be using gas from waste water treatment works to energise more than 200 homes in Didcot and this recycling process is one the company hopes to roll out into other cities such as Manchester in the future.

A plant installed in 2010 at the Thames Water sewage treatment works in the town cleans up the spare biogas that is produced. The sewage left behind in large treatment works is separated and provides biogas that is sent to a newly constructed plant for cleanup and dispersal. Once the process is completed the Biogas will have been transformed into biomethane, suitable for household hobs and in gas central heating.

Domestic Sewage Treatment

Sewage Treatment Domestic

Sewage Treatment Domestic

Domestic sewage treatment systems are becoming the preferred method of water treatment for many homes as the effluent water created is almost clear. Many of the old style septic tanks have failed to stand the test of time with blockages and untreated water causing maintenance issues in the long term.

The ways in which we can clean, renew and recycle our waste seem to become broader year on year and this can only mean good things for the environment both locally and globally and who knows what the future will hold? Maybe domestic sewage treatment works will soon be able to provide homes with their own “self-made” gas!