Replacing a Dudley Turbo 88 Toilet Syphon

Over the Christmas holiday I was forced to repair a toilet cistern. The cistern was in a 1990s style bathroom and was built into a wooden surround. Luckily the cistern could be accessed via a small hatch.

My first step was compare the non-working cistern with a similar cistern in another bathroom. I quickly ascertained that the problem was with the toilet syphon. I managed to read the syphon component details and established that it was a Dudley Turbo 88. I put this information into Google and established that a number of online suppliers including ebay stocked the product with prices ranging from £16 to £29. The problem was that we were approaching Christmas and needed to guarantee that I could get the replacement syphon in time for Christmas. Luckily the syphon was available via Plumb Centre, who had a local branch.

Replacing a Dudley Turbo 8800 Toilet Syphon

Replacing a Dudley Turbo 8800 Toilet Syphon

The next problem was the removal and installation process. Luckily, searching on Google I found a YouTube video produced by Ultimate Handyman that covered this process from start to finish.

The 22 minute video covered each aspect of the syphon removal and replacement process in a logical manner. Most importantly, however, was that the video referred specifically to the Dudley Turbo 88 syphon. This is a premium plumbing product and as such is much easier to install than cheaper generic products. The key to the ease of installation is that the Dudley syphon uses a yellow pin – see top centre of the image above – that separates the moving parts of the syphon from the main downpipe. This makes installation so much easier as only the syphon rather than the whole assembly needs replacing. Had I not watched the Ultimate Handy video I would have endeavoured to replace the whole unit.

The Dudley Turbo 88 comes in several sizes between 7 and 10 inches. I needed the 10 inch version and this was in stock at my local Plumb Centre at a price of £22.50. The 10 inch version is slightly harder to install, given the cramped nature of the location of the cistern within the built in toilet surround. The whole job took a total of 30 minutes including testing. I am extremely grateful to the Ultimate Handyman video as without it I would have spent much longer figuring out my plan of attack.