Pump StationMTM can advise, supply, install and commission any sewage or effluent pumping station or pumping system you require.

We offer the complete pump package, from first site visit through to physical installation of the sewage pump station and the pumping main. All necessary documentation and permissions included, road opening permits if required will be arrranged and carried out by us.

We shall look at the whole pump scheme and advise on the available options. We can look at various pump systems and give independent advice on pump station manufacturers and the style of pump station.

Any pumping requirement will need planning and the correct solution obtained. Please call us for further advice on sewage and effluent pumping systems.

Pump station designed in accordance with Building Regulations Document H1 Foul Drainage, page 16.

A Package Pump Station

Where foul drainage from a building is to be pumped, the effluent receiving chamber should be sized to contain 24 hour inflow to allow for disruption in service. The minimum daily discharge of foul drainage should be taken as 150 litres per head per day for domestic use. For other types of building, the capacity of the receiving chamber should be based on the calculated daily demand of the water intake for the building. Where only a proportion of the foul sewage is to be pumped, then the capacity should be based pro-rata.

In all pumped systems the controls should be so arranged to optimise pump operation. The required 150 litres per head per day volume should reflect the storage volume in the station pump  or station and overflow tanks.

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