The original concept of a septic tank was to use natural anaerobic biological action to produce an effluent with a low concentration of solids and combine this with the use of gravity to pull solids to the tank base.

Septic TankModern septic tank systems, as shown, tend to be designed on the use of gravity as the main process of separating the solids from the sewage effluent.

Now that we use a significantly higher amount of water and household cleaners in our everyday lives it is very difficult to achieve a good anaerobic action in septic tanks. So, if you have a modern tank unit, using bleaches and detergents (in normal quantities) should not present any adverse effects.

With more traditional tank systems (see The Operation of a Septic Tank) you are more susceptible to problems due to bleaches and detergents. If the tank is of a small capacity or of only one chamber then you may find the soakaway will have a reduced lifespan.

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A Modern Septic Tank

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